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Icon Written by bbbco on June 12, 2010 – 1:08 pm

Yay! We can all rejoice! Today marks the release of a completely rewritten plugin p2pConverter specifically for the newest WordPress 3.0 version soon to be released. Because of the functionality of this new plugin, I decided to rebrand and rename my plugin to pTypeConverter, as I have implemented the ability for users to convert between […]

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Icon Written by bbbco on July 29, 2008 – 4:33 pm

Yes, that is right. I spent today updating p2pConverter. I guess I got inspired, and after spending all morning in research, the afternoon became productive enough that I was able to make this great plugin even better! Let me remind you of what this plugin does: For you WordPress users, you might have found that […]

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Icon Written by bbbco on July 17, 2008 – 4:23 pm

I have recently updated p2pConverter to 0.5. This now integrates better with post-2.5 WordPress installations, as it no longer includes Scompt’s ManagePages files to incorporate customized columns under Manage > Pages (a much need feature). If you are still using a pre-2.5 installation, you can download 0.4 or a previous version at the p2pConverter Archived […]

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