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Icon Written by bbbco on July 30, 2012 – 10:40 pm

This is a post consisting of a new study tool I created for my Bible Bowl friends who are looking for a new method to studying and memorization for this year’s Bible Bowl text of the book of Acts in the English Standard Version (ESV). You might want to reference my earlier post on the […]

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Icon Written by bbbco on July 7, 2008 – 7:13 pm

So just got back from the whole Bible Bowl trip to Johnson Bible College and Atlanta, GA. Let me take this time to remind myself and what few readers I have that I absolutely hate the Bible Bowl website. Its ugly (don’t even ask me about the new Bible Bowl logo) and it constantly times […]

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Icon Written by bbbco on June 29, 2008 – 6:10 pm

I have finally found a place that I can sit down and access a wi-fi hot spot for free! You see, we (the Townesouth / Kernersville Bible Bowl Team) got into Atlanta yesterday and our hotel (the Mariot Marquis) requires you to pay between $9.95-12.95 per day for internet access. What a rip off. But […]

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Icon Written by bbbco on June 26, 2008 – 5:53 pm

If you are curious to find out what has been happening at the Johnson Bible Bowl competition that I am at as a sponsor, you can check out the standings and root for my team, Townesouth / Kernersville.

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