The following are websites I have developed:

Central Community ChurchCentral Community Church

In 2010, my home church Central Community Church in Greensboro, NC redesigned their website. The main goals behind this redesign included: easy to update, sermon podcasting, and an inclusion of photo gallery items. I played a lead role in this redesign, working with three other members to develop this new website. I also conceived the main design of the new website.

We took several months to determine the structure and layout of the site as a team. We also had to determine which CMS platform we were going to use, and ultimately chose to use the newly released WordPress 3.0 along with its new menu capabilities. Our collaboration communications occurred largely via the now defunct collaboration tool Google Wave.

Client: Central Community Church
Date: January – July 2010
Tools: PHP, WordPress 3.0, Google Wave, Illustrator, Photoshop

Dennis Nealy, our worship minister at Central Community commissioned me to create a website to coordinate with the release of his new CD, “The True, The Free” this past year. The fonts used on the website and foot image and asphalt look were all found from the artwork on the new CD and incorporated into the design and layout of the website. I created custom wallpaper and banner advertisements for his MySpace page, and created custom grunge social media icons for prominent use on the new site as well.

Client: Dennis Nealy
Date: February – June 2010
Tools: PHP, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

Jo Maeder is a New York DJ / Voice Artist turned writer after having a life changing experience caring for her aged mother during the last few years of her life. Jo’s book, “When I Married My Mother” tells the story of how Jo moved from New York to “Greensboring”, North Carolina to care for Mama Jo, along with all the anecdotal instances that stuck out to Jo. was developed as a place that readers of her story could come to learn more about When I Married My Mother, Mama Jo, and Jo Maeder herself.

The goal was to create a non blog-based website that was still available to be updated by Jo and her marketing team. This was my first venture into using the Drupal CMS engine.

Client: Jo Maeder
Date: December, 2008
Tools: PHP, Drupal, Photoshop

The Carolina Bible Bowl League is the local Bible Bowl round robin that I volunteer at as a Quizmaster most months. While I was in high school I played in Bible Bowl, and our church helped begin the foundations for what would later become CBBL. During my last year in college and after, I began to assist as a quizmaster and coach.

Last year, we determined that it would be good to put together a CBBL website, which I volunteered to develop. Each year going forward, the background will be updated with different text according to the text being studied that year.

Client: Carolina Bible Bowl League
Date: September, 2009
Tools: PHP, Photoshop, WordPress

Convergent Hosting is my web hosting company that I run on the side. Convergent provides quality, personal web hosting for a cheap price.

Client: Convergent Hosting
Date: November, 2008
Tools: PHP, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Life of Brian (my blog from 2006-2010) was a WordPress blog using a custom theme I designed myself using PHP, Photoshop and Illustrator.

The theme’s background was based on one of my first image reduction exercises. Unfortunately, this site is no longer active, as this blog has been integrated into the current site.

Client: Myself
Url: (no longer active, as this blog has been integrated into this current site)
Date: 2006-2010
Tools: PHP, WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop

My old site, BrianD.Goad., was a site developed entirely from Adobe Flash and Actionscript back in college. This site was created during my senior year in college, and used external files to create a dynamic website. This site is still available for viewing, but please remember it is vastly outdated.

Client: Myself
Date: 2007-2008
Tools: Adobe Flash, Actionscript, XML

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