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PLEASE NOTE: This plugin has become officially depcrecated and is no longer functional! Due to plenty of changes in social media’s statuses, this plugin no longer is active and cannot be used! This page is only retained for archival purposes.


Well, I guess I have gotten into a programming mood recently. While I was browsing some extra plugins to use, I found Adam Walker Cleaveland’s PomoMusings website that hosts a plugin called Status Press. His plugin allows the user to add some code to the sidebar in order to display a Facebook Status feed. It works, but it is not as easy to incorporate as a widget…so I created one and incorporated some extra features.

Here is a screenshot of the backend:

You can see the working product on this site’s sidebar.

In order to connect your Facebook Status with this widget, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure you are logged into your Facebook account.
  2. Click here to access your Status Stories.
    (If that does not work, see below)
  3. Right click on “My Status” and Choose “Copy Link Location.”
  4. Go to your Widget Dashboard in WordPress
  5. Paste the Link you just copied into the URL textbox of the Status Feed Widget
  6. Hit the Change button in the Widget
  7. Hit the Save Changes button below all the Widgets

If you are unable to access the correct page on Facebook above, follow these steps to retrieve the URL to paste into the Widget:

  1. Log onto your Facebook, and go to your Profile.
  2. Click on the Mini-Feed bar so you can see all of your recent activity (if hidden).
  3. Click “See All” link on the top right of the Mini-Feed box.
  4. Under “View” on the right, you’ll see a long list of “Stories” – click on “Status Stories.”
  5. Underneath the list, you will now see “Subscribe to these Stories – My Status.”
  6. Right click on “My Status” and Choose “Copy Link Location.”
  7. Finish following the steps 4-7 above.

UPDATE: Since transitioning to the new Facebook layout, there is no longer a way to access the “Your Mini Feed” page through your usual home or profile pages. The only way I have found is to click the link provided above.

If you need a visual, here is a screencast I made showing you how to install and configure this widget.

As a side note, if you have used the previous plugin before, you might know that there was a slight mathematical error in the original plugin. This miscalculation has been corrected in the Widget.

If you have found this widget useful, please consider donating to the poor post-college graduate that I am by clicking on the big yellow Donate button.

=== Status Press Widget ===
Author: Brian D. Goad (bbbco)
Plugin URI:
Tags: widget, facebook, status, rss, feed
Requires at least: 2.2
Tested up to: 2.7.1
Stable tag:1.12

=== Description ===
Adds a Status Widget to display your Facebook, Twitter, or Last.FM status in your sidebar, and allows you to have multiple widgets at once. Originally, based on Status Press plugin (not required!) by Adam Walker CleavelandC. Scott Andreas to display only your Facebook status in your sidebar, this widget is growing outside the original intent to only work with Facebook.

=== Installation ===
Extract the contents of the zip file and copy the `status-press-widget.php` file to your plugins directory. Then activate the Status Press Widget from within WordPress.

In order to connect your Status with this widget, follow these steps:

1. Select which service you will be using
2. Follow the instructions

Your status feed should then be available, so get busy making your sidebar look even more personal with your new Status Updater!

As a side note, if you have used the previous plugin before, you might know that there was a slight mathematical error in the original plugin. This miscalculation has been corrected in the Widget.

=== Frequently Asked Questions ===
Can I Modify How the Status Text Looks?
|-> Yes, you can input a custom defined class, id, or style for both the Status and the Time Since in the Admin panel. Check out my tutorial on Stylizing Modifications for more information.

Can I List More Than One (1) Status Update?
|-> Yes, you can choose how many updates to display, and even if you want to display them all in the Admin panel.

Can I display more than one Status widget?
|-> Yes, in fact you can display multiple Status widgets from multiple social networking platforms.

What social statii can I display?
|-> Currently available are Facebook, Twitter, and

[Ask a question] mailto: bdgoad (at) gmail (dot) com

=== Future Plans ===
* Add support for more statii. Any suggestions?

=== Version History ===
= Version 1.12 =
* Corrected bad coding placement (Works this time)

== Version 1.11 ==
* Support for PHP4
* Adjusted cache setting to five minutes

== Version 1.1 ==
* Major overhaul of widget
* Allows multiple instances of widget
* Allows feeds to be pulled from Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, and Pownce

== Version 1.0 ==
* Initial work on the widget

=== Special Thanks ===
Thanks to Adam Walker CleavelandC. Scott Andreas for their original work on the Status Feed plugin.

== Download Now! ==

  Status Press Widget 1.14 (6.2 KiB, 297 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

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  1. I am having a hard time using this 🙁 I can’t get my Status RSS 🙁

  2. Are you not able to find your RSS feed? What exactly is the problem? I do know that Facebook recently went to a new look, so it might be a different way to get the RSS feed.

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  4. Status Press Widget…

    Adds a Facebook Status Widget to display your Facebook status in your sidebar. Based on Status Press plugin (not required!) by Adam Walker Cleaveland & C. Scott Andreas….

  5. do you know how to find the url to copy now that the facebook layout is different?

  6. I have updated the page to indicate that since transitioning to the new Facebook layout, there is no longer a way to access the “Your Mini Feed” page through your usual home or profile pages. The only way I have found is to click the link provided above.

    If you find a way in the future, please let me know!

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  8. Hi,

    Not sure what the problem was but it wasn’t working for me. I tracked it down to the calling of the htmlspecialchars_decode function in php, which was failing on my server in your plugin. I just put a manual str_replace to change any " to actual quotes. Not as robust as your code, but works for me. Any idea what the problem was?

    $status_mods = htmlspecialchars($options[‘status_mods’], ENT_QUOTES);
    $status_mods = str_replace(“"”, “\””, $status_mods);

  9. Never mind, Brian. I figured it out finally.

    Great plugin. Will be getting some link love. No need to post my stupidity on the web! ha haha

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  11. This is awesome, works like a charm! Thanks..

  12. Brian,

    Is there a way to replace the ‘show_date’ portion of this code with your great time difference calculation? I don’t know much of anything about programing. I just copied this code and it works, but I would love to show the status somewhere other than the sidebar, and I’d love to have it print the time difference rather than the date.

    require_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/rss.php’); wp_widget_rss_output(‘MY STATUS FEED RSS’, array(‘items’ => 1, ‘show_author’ => 1, ‘show_date’ => 1));

  13. Hi — great widget. I used to have it on my site, but the recent update to WP 2.7 seems to have broken something. Have anyone got it working in 2.7 or is it just my particular system that is creating problems?

  14. Yeah, I can’t get this working either… Completely breaks and gives this error: “Call to undefined function: htmlspecialchars_decode()…”

    I’m also using WP 2.7.

  15. I’m so sad! One of my favourite plugins has brokeded in WP2.7,. am getting the same error as Kelley. Any plans for a this bug being fixed?
    Thanks so much

  16. Hey guys, I am glad that you all like and are using this plugin! However, I do not know what the issues that you are having are, as the plugin seems to work fine on my site(s).

    Please send as much info (including screenshots) to bdgoad (at) briandgoad (dot) com and I will do what I can to fix the issues in a timely manner.

    Thanks for your input!


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  18. Ah nice! Exactly what I was looking for hence pingback above! Thanks

  19. I’m using 2.7 btw and works like a charm.

  20. Thanks! It surely is a great widget 🙂

  21. But oh, is there a way to make the widget get updates more often? Sometimes it takes hours before it updates my status on my blog? 🙁

  22. yes it is not working. Feed is not displayed

  23. I’m sorry RichVillain that it is not working for you, but I need more info to help you in your situation. What errors are you getting?

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  25. Hey Brian,

    I’m currently using this widget on my site and I must comment that it’s a fantastic one. However, after recently upgrading to version 1.11, activating the plugin seems to trigger a fatal error in WordPress 2.7.1.

    The error message is as follows:
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/yongc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/status-press-widget/status-press-widget.php on line 74”

    After some investigation, I pinpointed the error down to the PHP4 support coding. And as I expected, once I removed this function, I managed to get the plugin running again. So, you might want to look into it.

    Anyway, for users looking for a quick fix, try removing lines 73 to 80 to see if it serves as a temporary solution until Brian comes up with something.

  26. Sorry friends! The PHP4 functionality function was placed incorrectly and blew up the widget class. I have corrected it, and the new version (1.12) should work with both PHP4 and PHP5. Thanks for your support!

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  28. Can you just give a brief tutorial on how to syntax the style modification? I would really like it if the update showed up in the same font as everything else in my sidebar. One thing that would make that happen would be if you included at checkbox that allowed the status to function as a link. Then it’s CSS would be a link like everything else.

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  30. you donate button doesnt work. I want to donate because this is what i need. thanks

  31. not working right, i get this error…

    Warning: htmlspecialchars_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, NULL given in /home/content/b/c/a/bca360/html/ on line 105

    Warning: htmlspecialchars_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, NULL given in /home/content/b/c/a/bca360/html/ on line 105

  32. Please see my most recent post about this error.

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  34. Seems to be working so far! Now I’m just waiting for the RSS feed to update. You’re exactly right: this was much easier to use than Status Press. Good show!

  35. Insert at line 227:

    /* if twitter, link to twitter */
    if (preg_match(“/twitter\.com\/statuses\/user_timeline\/.*\.rss/”, $url, $matches)) {

    $pattern[0] = “/.*twitter\.com\/statuses\/user_timeline/”;
    $pattern[1] = “/\.rss/”;

    $replacement[0] = ‘‘ . $title . ‘‘;

    $title = preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $url);

    } elseif (preg_match(“/facebook\.com\/feeds\/status\.php\?id\=/”, $url, $matches)) {
    /* if facebook, link to facebook */

    $pattern[0] = “/.*facebook\.com\/feeds\/status\.php\?id\=/”;
    $pattern[1] = “/&viewer=.*/”;

    $replacement[0] = ‘‘ . $title . ‘‘;

    $title = preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $url);


  36. Great work! I love this widget! Although when I first set it up to pull data from twitter, it kept throwing the “Something bad happened” error. After I typed in a title for the widget, it magically works again.

  37. hi brian
    this is exactly what i need.. unfortunately, the link to the “my status” feed does not work. it seems like fb changed something again. when your widget opens the new window, i get redirected to “*MYID*&v=feed” .. and there is no url feed there.

  38. Bocki,

    Unfortunately, FB has indeed changed things. They no longer make the rss url available and very easy to find. You have to do a little work to get it now. This is the way that I told another user to get the url:

    [In Facebook,] if you just copy your Notifications RSS feed (Inbox > Notifications > Your Notifications RSS Feed) , and replace “notifications.php” with “status.php” as the feed URL, you should be good to go.

    Give that a try and see if you can get the URL. I will have to update the widget again as soon as I can see about an easier way, or something.

  39. Hi brian,

    nope, that doesn’t work, I already tried that before. if you try to open the status.php, facebook will give you an error:
    “This feed URL is no longer valid. Visit this page to find the new URL, if you have access,” XXXX beeing my id.

    i read that fb released an API.. maybe thats worth a look

  40. You need to ensure that the id and key are all included in the RSS url. It should look something like: where XXXXXXX = your FB ID, and YYYYYYYY = your the special key. I pulled my RSS Url directly from that Notifications RSS (not the minifeed url). It still works and exists!

    Yes, I know that FB released an API… just haven’t looked into it yet since before it was a simple matter of directing users to pull their status RSS. Might try to get around to it…

  41. hey brian,

    i already tried that in the first place. here is a screenshot where you can see what happens at my side.

    i just changed the “notifications” to “status” in the url.

  42. So the status is based on the facebook status of the ADMIN right? Whattabout having different sidebar widgets for different users on the blog? This would be cool to display each user’s status. This would be great for a “team” section or “crew” section where different sidebars can be used on each profile page with that person’s status.

    Maybe you can make a plugin where specified user who a registered with the blog can update their status directly to wordpress and this status can be modified directly on a page.

    If you want an idea of what I’m talking about, go to and register a test account or something there and you will see your updateable status on your profile. This would be sweeeeeeet!

  43. I upgraded to WordPress 2.8 and upgraded to 1.14 of the widget. The widget disappeared from the sidebar widget list. I can’t seem to add it back. Each time I do, it disappears on refresh.

    If I were you, I would ask whether I hit save. The answer is obviously yes. I can also add other widgets which are added normally.

    Is anyone else reporting problems with 2.8?

    Great plugin by the way!

  44. Brian,
    I was able to follow all the directions and I switched out the words status and notifications. But, when my widget shows up on my blog page, I get errors. Can you help?

  45. does this still work with new styling of wordpress ..i am having same error as bocki. I can not find the url to put in

  46. Hey it doesn’t work for me and I’ve copied the link and everything twice. I used the link on this page to find my

    And nothing gets imported into my page. 🙁

    It might just be me, anyone else getting this?

  47. for the question About whSther or Not this is just for the Admin : i Share my Blog with 2 Friends,everyone of us has an Admin ACC,but the Plugin only Shows my Posts.

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  50. is there a way to take off my first name? so instead of matt is going blah blah says is doing blah blah blah?

  51. Removing the nick/first name as well as converting URLs to links is simple enough, just add this line:
    $status = make_clickable(trim(substr($status, stripos($status, ‘:’)+1)));

    Right above this line:
    $disp .= “\t” . $status;

    Can’t get Facebook part to work since FB once again changed their site.

  52. $disp .= “\t

    ” . $status;

  53. This plug in does not work with the new FB. How do I get it to work????

  54. The new FB page update hosed this plugin since we can’t update status from FB to the plugin. How can I get my status from GB to be displayed on my blog using this plugin since as of 2/18/10 it does not work…… help!!

  55. Found a great fix on creating your Facebook RSS feed URL that makes this plugin work perfectly (that is, until FB changes it again).

    where xxxxxxxxxxxxx is your page id.

  56. That does not work for users, but I suppose it might work for an FB Page.

  57. I have been all over the wordpress plug in site looking for a simple “show my status” widget.

    I am about to install yours, and went to your webpage to see if it was still working.

    Thanks for the additional info.

  58. Is there anyway to get this plugin to work now? The above comment no longer works:

    This feed URL is no longer valid. Visit this page to find the new URL, if you have access:

  59. Sorry, not really with the way that FB has taken away status RSS feeds. I’d have to get into developing on the FB platform to get it to work, and I really don’t have the time 🙁

  60. It finally worked for my facebook page. But I have posted some images and they are not showing up, only the time is showing up. Is there a way of displaying these images or not displaying that post at all

  61. Great to hear it! Can you please detail how you found your RSS feed? I suppose we could look into filtering out those types of messages.

  62. I followed what Eric had written

    “Found a great fix on creating your Facebook RSS feed URL that makes this plugin work perfectly (that is, until FB changes it again).
    where xxxxxxxxxxxxx is your page id.”

    It disappeared when I went on the site again, but after I refreshed it, it worked again. I hope it keeps working and Facebook does not change it

  63. The time stamp does not show up properly all of my posts have the same time stamp
    (Updated 14799 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes ago)

  64. I have added the .sidebar_text at the very bottom of the Stylesheet as your instructions indicated, but when I try to add the class=”sidebar_text” in the box within the widget, I get the error:
    Wordpress Failure Notice
    Are you sure you want to do this?
    Please try again.

    What am I doing wrong?

  65. why wont it work for me….i want to link my fan page posts

  66. I have a Facebook Fan Page for my b-ball organization. When I try to set it up, I get: “Status Press Error: Something bad happened!” When I did the setup, it took me to my fan page wall. Can this be used with my wall of my fan page? I am new to WP, so be gentle 🙂

  67. Like Rob, above, I’m trying to get this plug-in tied to a fan page as well. I can find what appears to be a usable RSS link (in the format feed://, where the zeros are replaced by the fan page’s id). But I’m also getting the error the Rob is getting, “Something bad happened!” Brian, do you have a minute to respond to why this happens? I looked through the plug-in code and wondered if the fact that the fetch_rss function has been deprecated makes any difference. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  68. Great plugin. Works wonderfully on my site. However, there’s only one catch…the Facebook status stops at 75 characters, like an excerpt. Any ideas? I have upped all of my excerpt numbers to no avail. Thanks!

  69. Hithere,
    I am trying to configure the widget but I cannot find my status feed. Where is it?

  70. I found the notifications feed, not sure if that is the one we are looking for.
    I wanted to display only the statuses not what other people post or game notifications, is there a way around it?

  71. I have the same issue as Steve. I believe the issue is at ln 179:
    “$status .= $item[title];”

    Facebook makes the title of the RSS feed the first 75 characters of the status. Since status press is grabbing the title, it gets what facebook gives – a 75 character except. Brian, I don’t know what other options $item[] has, is there a $item[body] or anything?

  72. Ok, I screwed around long enough and found the answer.

    I’m not sure what line this is anymore because I’ve added some code, it’s *around* 179. Find “$status .= $item[title];” and change it to “$status .= $item[description];”

    This gives the full status AND displays pictures if you post them, that will fix @shital’s problem too.

    Thanks for the cool widget, Brian.

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