pTypeConverter (154.0 KiB, 8,758 hits)

pTypeConverter is a complete reworking of my previous plugin p2pConverter, which was a very hand dandy plugin for very many users of WordPress. However, with the new WordPress changes in 2.9 and ultimately 3.0, things regarding posts and pages have changed, specifically when it comes to custom posts. That is why I decided to rewrite this plugin, in order to provide users with the ability easily convert their existing posts and pages to a custom post.

Currently, it just has very basic abilities, and is kind of cranky as it displays every single type of post you might have available on one page. Soon, I plan on integrating filtering and pagination to make it easier for users to interface.

If you are unfamiliar with my previous plugin, p2pConverter, and why I created it, let me refresh your memory, if you are interested that is. If not, just skip on down to the rest of the important info.

A number of years ago while WordPress was still young, and I was trying to finish my sophomore year of college, I was also an administrator for the mostly defunct site Secrets of the Universe, a site for a friend to display his comics and the stories in his head for all to see. On that site were quite a few static pages. However (probably during an update or server recovery or something of the such) all of the static pages ended up as regular posts, and the permalinks broke. When this was finally discovered, I sought a solution to convert the posts back to pages easily. Well, after searching for such a plugin (I could only find one such called Post2Page yet it was broken, and I could not find any way to contact the author) I stumbled across a few websites that gave me some clues as to get this type of plugin to work. Anyways, that’s the story…I eventually learned how to put it together into a plugin, and here it is for your enjoyment!

Important Info

Installation: Download the zip file to your computer. Extract the folder and files to your computer. Copy the `pTypeConverter` directory to your plugins directory and activate the pTypeConverter plugin from WordPress.

To access pTypeConverter, look under the Tools menu for the pTypeConverter submenu. Here you will find an admin page that displays all of your posts.

This plugin has been updated with its own capability, pTypeConverter, which is automatically applied to Administrators and Editors roles on activation. This capability can easily be modified to work with other roles via a Roles and Capabilities plugin.

And one last thing: Be careful with how you use this plugin, for as of now, you can convert any type of post into any other type, including the new “menu” elements, attachments, and revisions. All use of pTypeConverter, of any version, is at the user’s risk. Brian D. Goad accepts no responsibility for the results of any actions taken by the use of pTypeConverter. It is a tool, and its misuse could damage your website severely. Be careful, and think before you convert!

Frequently Asked Questions

When I convert a page to a post, does it show up under the Posts section, or does it still remain in the Pages section?

The Page becomes a Post, and will show up in the Posts section along with your other posts.

When I convert a post to a page, does all of the extra meta-data get converted as well?

In a short answer, Yes.
In a long answer, Yes, because posts and pages, etc are all considered the same thing in
Wordpress (i.e., they all are just records within a table). The main
difference between them is that they have a field that determines what
type of element they are. So any element that had post qualities, when
turned into a page will have the same content, but now have the page
qualities and ignore whatever fields apply to the post type. If the
same page that was a post is converted back to a post, you will find
that the same post qualities will still exist, even though they were
not evident while it was a page.

Does this mean that if I convert a post with a bunch of comments that the comments will still be available on the page?

Yes, all comments will be kept in tact.

I converted a page to a post, but the comments section is not displaying on the full post. What happened? What can I do to fix this?

WordPress automatically defaults comments on pages to be turned off. When you convert the page to a post, the configurations remain the same, so the comments setting is turned off, even though it is now a post. Future versions of this plugin will probably incorporate controls to determine if you want comments enabled or disabled.

To enable comments on the new post, please follow these steps:

– Click to Posts > Posts
– Scroll to the post that you want to enable comments on
– Click the “Edit” link for that post
– On the Edit Post section, in the upper right-hand section, click the yellow “Screen Options” button. A large dropdown section should appear
– Click the checkbox for “Discussion”
– Now look underneath your main body text editor (the large text area where you type in all of your article information). You should see checkbox options in regards to comments.
– Click the checkbox to “Allow comments”
– Click the Save button
– Now visit your page, and comments should be enabled.
Why are my comments not showing up after converting to a X?
Please check to make sure you have enabled Discussion Comments on the converted post as detailed above. If this still does not resolve your issue, please check to ensure your theme allows comments to be displayed for the post type by including <?php comments_template(”, true); ?> on the post type template.

When looking to find a post to convert, I see a bunch of extra listings called Revisions. Should I convert them as well?

No. All you need to convert is the post or page element itself, and not the
revision. I plan on adding some features to the plugin to make it
easier to use and filter out those elements like media and revisions
that should be hidden in the future.

I have some posts that I would like to convert to pages, but since posts have categories and pages don’t, wouldn’t the permalinks break and any pages I have indexed in the search engines be broken?

No. WordPress is smart about the way they create their pretty URLs. The pages and posts permalinks are retained when converting. As well as categories and such.

What about the URL? My users will be lost if the bookmarked the old one after I convert!
No worries! The plugin rewrites the permalinks after conversion so that your old URL will automagically forward the user to the new URL. WordPress takes care of most of the magic behind the scenes. If you are really concerned about URLs because of SEO, you can use a plugin lik Platinum SEO to configure things more to your liking.

Will converting posts to pages affect my Menu structure?
No, this should not affect your menu structure, unless you have it setup someway to automatically add new Pages to your menu.

  pTypeConverter (154.0 KiB, 8,758 hits)

Don’t forget to donate if this plugin has helped you!


== pTypeConverter==
Author: bbbco
Author URI:
Plugin URI: Tags: post, posts, page, pages, admin, plugin, convert, change, pTC, p2pConverter, custom post, custom posts, post type, post types, pTypeConverter
Requires at least: 2.9
Tested up to: 3.3.1
Stable tag: 0.2.5

== Description ==
Converts post types from one to another. This plugin is a complete reworking of my old plugin p2pConverter. pTypeConverter allows you to easily convert any post type of a certain post to another in an easy to use interface.  A pTypeConverter role capability prevents unwanted users from converting pages (i.e. only Administrators and Editors have this ability to begin with), which can be adjusted by using a Role Manager plugin.

== Installation ==
Copy the `pTypeConverter` directory to your plugins directory and activate the pTypeConverter
plugin from WordPress. To access pTypeConverter, look under the Tools menu for the pTypeConverter
== Future Plans ==
* Implement proper Admin display of posts screen

== Version History ==
* Added Welcome screen with instructions and FAQ
* Enhanced user interface functionality with convert messages

= Version 0.2.1 =
* Fixed blocking issue with install

= Version 0.2 =
* jQuerified and Ajaxified the plugin
* Added filtering, logging, and other options

= Version 0.1.5 =
* Fixed activation issue (thanks Erlend from jMonkeyEngine!)

= Version 0.1 =
* Rewrote from my old plugin p2pConverter
* Created its own submenu page
* Allow bulk conversion

  pTypeConverter (154.0 KiB, 8,758 hits)

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  3. thanks alot 🙂 for the plugin.

    best wishes

  4. Downloaded plug-in, clicked Tools, clicked convert to page, clicked box to select the post to convert to page and all appeared to work.

    Went back into my website to check – page still appears as a post. Should I have done something more? Should it show up as a page now?


  5. Hi Donna,

    You said you clicked the dropdown to select convert to page, checked the boxes of posts that you want to convert, and select the convert box, correct? Upon refresh were they listed as pages or posts?


  6. Hi Brian,

    When I convert a page to a post or vice versa, will all of the comments convert as well, including the time they were posted?

    Many thanks,

  7. Lauren,

    Yes, your comments will be available as well. If you want the comments to display on the front page, be sure to include the comments loop on your page.php

  8. So what happens with the original post if it’s been indexed? When I convert the post into a page, do I need to make a 301 redirect?

  9. Thanks for the update 🙂

    I was a big fan on p2p, and am glad to see that the project is continuing.


  10. What happens to the old posts? Would this result in 404’s?

  11. No 404s. Automagically redirrcts and updates as long as you have pretty permalinks on.

  12. Hey, thanks for the great plugin! Very helpful indeed!
    I am looking forward to the updates (filter, pagination, etc.).

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Will galleries still work when pages are converted to posts?

  14. Very good plugin … but:
    should be nice to:
    – sort the posts and pages by type, or/and
    – exclude all revisions and attachments from the converter-page in admin.

    is there anything planned like that?


  15. These are planned upgrades when I have some time to complete development of this plugin.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  16. Thanks, sounds nice!

  17. Hi Brian,

    Is the installation method you mentioned above the only way to get this to work? I went to my plug ins and searched for your plug in and installed it and activated it. Went to tools selected pTypeConverter, selected the post I want to change as a page and hit the convert button. Unfortunately – the post is still appearing under posts in my word press and when I go to my site it is still under posts.

    If I’ve installed it incorrectly could you give more details on your installation method? I don’t know where to find my plug in directory.

  18. Lisa,

    If you can access the pTypeConverter page from the admin screen, then it sounds like the plugin has been installed correctly.

    Are you sure you clicked the drop-down to select that you want to convert it to a page?

    Also, you could try resetting your Permalinks.

    Hope this helps!


  19. Yes, Brian did all of these things, but it didn’t work. I just created a new page and copied everything over and deleted the old post.

    I am I correct in assuming that when you click convert the former post should show up in the pages of my wordpress admin?

  20. Lisa, yup, that is what should happen.

    What version of WordPress are you using?


  21. I’m using 3.0.1

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  24. […] pTypeConverter is great from converting a post to a page which is great when using MS Word to edit and post content (as a post). You can find out more at Brian Goad. […]

  25. Thanks for the plug-in, Brian!

    I used it and tried to convert this post into a page…

    It said it was successful, but it still seems to be a post.
    And it doesn’t show up as a page in my admin.

    Help, anyone?

    Mihai =)

  26. This looks good but I’m looking for a bulk converting solution so I can view a list of all my posts and tick a checkbox next to each that I want to convert to pages. I’d be willing to donate to get this addition done; can you contact me? Thanks.

  27. Forgot to tick the notify me on followup so can you follow up on this comment instead? I’ve ticked the box! Thank you.

  28. Okay, your plugin does NOT transfer comments. I have an important (to me) post with 54 comments from 2007 on my blog

    And I just used your plugin to convert it into a page. And OH NO OH NO OH NO the 54 comments were all gone.

    And then, thank GOD, when I converted it back to a post, the comments came back.

    So I’m deleting your plug-in and I’ll live with my post being a page. I’ll just make a page somewhere else with a link to the blog post…

  29. Those having issues with Comments:
    Please see the updated FAQ. More than likely, your template is not setup to show comments on pages.

    Also, please download the newest version to get best compatibility.

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  31. Great Job really useful for me. A short question. When I convert (Perfectly) the post to a page, the page it still seems a post “Posted By XXXX date XXX X Comments” How I can remove such line in the new page.

    Many Thanks Brian for the plugin, count with a donation!!!!!

    WP 3.0.2 Socrates Theme.

  32. Carlos,

    Glad that you have found the plugin useful!
    I believe that you need to assign the new page to a specific page template so that it shows up like your other pages. It probably defaults to using a post template type.


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  35. Thanks for the plugin. It’s useful.

    Some ideas for improvements…

    1. There are over 4000 posts on a site I’m working on, and the plugin seems to be loading all of these in one go into the table, which takes quite a while. Would be nice to have some pagination, or just a limit on how many posts will be loaded at once.

    2. When you have that many posts, there are sometimes posts with the same title. The plugin doesn’t give any way to immediately verify which post is the one I’m looking for, except by checking the dates. It would be handy if the title column could have a link to the article, so I can right click, open in a new window, and see whether I’m looking at the right post.

    Thanks, again.

  36. I have updated the plugin recently with the filter limit (that should have been included in the first place!). The other suggestion is included in future development plans.

  37. Hi. I downloaded the plugin as instructed, but when I click to the convert menu, none of my posts or pages show up, if I type in a title and get a post to show up, I check the tickbox but then it will not let me use the CONVERT Selected items to: menu – or any of the menus for that matter. Am using Weaver II Pro theme.

    Any suggestions??

  38. Please try the latest update (0.2.7) and see if you are still having issues.

  39. Thank you for a great plug in. Wish wordpress would integrate this feature. Do have one challenge. I converted a page with 3 comments to a post, then made sure screen options and the comment boxes were checked and they were.
    Still no comments…But, when I visit comment page from dashboard menu, then click “view post” on the right,the comments appear perfectly below the new post I created from a page.

    Is there something I am doing in error? The work you have done is really excellent and I cant help thinking I am missing something.
    Thanks again for your efforts.

  40. Have you ensured that the post has comments enabled? If you are still having trouble, please send me an email with login creds so I can investigate what is going on on your site.

  41. Hi Brian,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to email. Problem was (gasp) 100% mine.Corrected the problem in my sql on bluehost and your plug in connected the newly created post and attached the comments immediately.
    Thanks again for your email. Plug in works GREAT.

  42. Great, glad to hear that it is working well for you!


  43. My website is almost one year old and I already have some links on my pages, but in the nearest future I plan to change few keywords and rebuild several pages (convert them into the posts). My concern is about external links. What will happen with permalinks when I convert page to the post? Will it be same?
    Thank you in advance.

  44. Please read the FAQ for more info. WordPress will automagically redirect to the correct page as long as there is not another page or post of the same slug name.

  45. when I click to the convert menu, none of my posts or pages show up.

    What’s wrong?

  46. I sent you an email. Sounds like there might be a javascript conflict.

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  48. Hello Brian! I just successfully converted a page into a post.

    Question: Why is the result (the new post) still grouped with pages in page tab?
    Can’t it be automatically moved to post tab (without changing the previous article link)?

    Please send your answer to email also. Thanks in advance..

  49. Hi
    I downloaded and installed succesfully, but none of my posts or pages show up in the “convert” section …. I have many of each but none show up to be converted. Can you advise on a couple of troubleshooting options? thanks!

  50. Hi!
    I was wondering if you could help me. I have lost lots of my pages when I tried to convert them into posts. I can see them in the list at the tools are, but they are not published in my website as neither pages or posts.
    Thank you

  51. Lindsay,

    First a few questions: What are you trying to accomplish? What type of post did you try to convert from? What type of post did you convert to? When you click to the Posts or Pages section of your Admin Dashboard, do you see them listed?
    If you would like to correspond via email, feel free to email me at bdgoad at gmail.

  52. Can I roll back right to the moment when the installation was made and restart again?
    Thank you.

  53. Hi there,

    thanks for your plugin.

    Everything seems fine and I have successfully turned a (private) test-post into a page. I also changed the parent page, so it shows up on the main menu of my blog.

    One thing I have noticed, and I am not sure whether it is supposed to work like this, is that I can see the page listed when I go to pages/all, but if I go to Aspect/menu it is not there amongst all the other pages, nor does it show as a child page of the selected parent page.
    Instead I need to manually search it in the “pages” tab of the “menu” page (if that makes any sense) 😀

    When I open the page, it opens fine and all the comments are there.

    Thanks again:)

  54. Andrea,

    I am unsure of what you seem to be describing. If you can respond with specific steps indicating the issue, I should be able to help you figure out what is going on and if things are behaving as expected or not.



  55. It doesn’t work on WP 3.4.2 because of javascript Error.
    First error in jQuery UI – v1.8.20 – 2012-04-30 (weird, isn’t it ? but it’s displayed in Firebug on PaleMoon).
    In Chromium it can see the posts, filter them.. but i can’t convert a page..
    Here’s the ajax error:

    WordPress database error: []
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_type = 'post' WHERE id=614

    JSon message told me it worked but i had to refresh to notice it.
    Best regards

  56. I have not seen any errors with the plugin in any of my test environments. This plugin does use WP’s built-in jQueryUI, but there may be another plugin interfering with it. Please try disabling your plugins one by one and trying pTypeConverter again in order to determine what is interfering. Usually, the plugin that is causing the issues is an old plugin.

    If you think that there are other issues happening and you have some more info, please let me know!


  57. Just installed but I’m not seeing any posts listed! Help!
    WP 3.4.2

  58. Please provide me with some more info. If you need to, you are welcome to send me an email directly.


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  60. I want to convert my homepage (posts) into a page. Currently it shows on my nav menu as ‘Home’. Will I be able to give it a KW rich name when it becomes a page?

    I’m doing this because I want to use another page for post and comments. At the moment all posts/comments appear on my home page (posts) and once converted I’ll change it to a static page in WP, then enable posts on my required page.

    Does that make sense?


  61. Sorry Graham, this is not the tool you are looking for. Please do some more looking into how WordPress is setup and how themes work. Your “Homepage” with posts and comments listed is just your theme’s view of all of the posts. It is not an actual page in any sense. To achieve what you want, you should look into your Settings > Reading settings page in the WordPress Admin, and update your nav to point to the new listings of posts.

    Hope this helps!


  62. Just wanted to let you know that I just upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and I am getting the following error…

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/27/5843427/html/wp-content/plugins/ptypeconverter/pTypeConverter.php on line 112 and defined in /home/content/27/5843427/html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

  63. Thanks! I just pushed an update that fixes this issue.

  64. Using WP 3.5. When I tried to activate this plugin, I got this:

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘TYPE=MyISAM’ at line 9 on line: 1473

    The list of plugins shows pTypeConverter as active, but neither Posts or Pages displays the extra Convert column.

  65. wao…GREAT….Immediately I uploaded the plugin, it requested for an update..I did and the error noted by Andrew was fixed…and I was able to convert my post to page…good work Brain..thanks…form Africa – Nigeria…..ok
    Access and download unlimited e-books in various disciplines for FREE…..Visit ….thanks

  66. I’ve got the old plug-in installed… p2pConverter. So what do I do? Do I first de-activate the old plug-in, or do I leave it activated when I “install & activate” ptypeconverter, and then de-activate p2pConverter?

    In Many Thanks,

  67. Hi,
    i’ve a problem on WP 3.4.2.
    On Convert tab i have just three authors (among that there’re some simple users. Could you check the way the plugin retrieve these infos?).


  68. Hi,

    Like the plug-in, but quick question. When I convert a page to post, it works fine, and shows up in the post section of the dashboard. But when I do a google search for page, and then click on link, I get an error message, which essentially says, can’t find url, too many redirects. I experimented with just one page to post: chatham nj real estate feb 2012 market trends….you can locate by going to that page from google.

    What do you think?



  69. In my debug.log I get the following error “Undefined variable: sql in /home/admin/data/www/ on line 118”. On options page (/wp-admin/tools.php?page=pTC) I got “ajax request failed” alert. Otherwise your plugin is very usefull. Hope you’ll fix these issues.

  70. I converted a post to a page. It went fine except that my comments are not displaying on the webpage. I see them in the WP page editor, “Allow comments” is selected, and my framework (Catalyst) allows comments on its page template.

    Is there anything else I can do to display the comments? Thanks!

  71. Hi, just stumbled across your site, got the plugin installed, but when i go to “convert” tab, it doesn’t display any posts. i’m on wp 3.5.1. Just curious if it may not be compatible.


  72. Hi,
    after conversion from PHPNUKE to WP I have to make order in post/page migrated so your plugin is perfect for me.
    I used it but after the conversion post to page (successfully), the pages converted do not appear in the list of pages. In my WP I installed the CMS TREE view plugin and with the tree view I see the pages converted but there I cant’ manage the translations (WPML) and set SEO parameters.
    Any solutions?
    Thanks in advance

  73. Oh my gosh you saved my life! I thought I would have to copy/paste 175 pages into posts.

  74. Hi

    When my wordpress site was initially created most of the info was added as posts, however I am about to update the theme and want to convert them all to pages.

    I downloaded your plugin, and converted a post to a page, but when I refreshed my website, the post disappeared and left the following message “Not Found
    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

    I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong? Please help.

    Thank you

  75. Hi Brian,
    The plugin works awesome on one of my sites(used redirector to add categories to new posts that were pages.) Thanks so much…
    I tried to use it on another site, converted a page to post, got the success message.
    When I click on the actual post, in the posts section, it opens up as a page and doesn’t let me add categories, etc…
    Have you experienced this before? Any idea how to fix it? (Tried uninstalling & reinstalling to try again, but no such luck…
    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again & best,

  76. Love the plugin thanks!
    Had pinned a bunch of my urls on Pinterest and since I converted the page to a post it isn’t directing them to my site from pinterest anymore 🙁 Any help?

  77. WordPress should take care of fixing the URLs for you. Please re-save WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks

  78. I hope you’re still providing support for this plugin. I’ve run into two problems that I’m hoping you can help me with.

    It was easy to begin the conversion process, and I took a few pages and turned them into a custom post type. ie: Page “Appletini” to “Post Type: Recipe”.

    Now – here’s my issue.

    #1 – The post is marking down “Page Parent:” information, how would I go about removing this?

    #2 – Even updating the permalink structure a few times, and clearing the cache it’s giving me a 404 page for the URLs.

  79. I converted some pages to post and when I go back to visit the the post it has the Title Twice, how can I get rid of that. When I delete the title on the edit page it affects my seo ratings.


  80. Sounds like an issue with how your WordPress Theme constructs your posts.

  81. Hi,

    after I converted posts into pages I lost content in those pages after “read more”. When I click read more, it doesn`t send me anywhere so I cannot read a whole article. When I moved one page back into post it`s the same, most of article is gone. Can you help me?

  82. Hello,

    after converting posts into pages there is no whole articles. Only till “read more”, and nothing below. When I click “read more” it doesn`t show anything. Could you help me?


  83. Sounds like an issue with your blog’s theme, and how it handles the construction of pages.

  84. This plugin is AMAZING!
    Love it and thank you 🙂
    Only 1 problem: when I convert an attachment (image from media library) to post, the image disappear from the library but doesn’t appear in posts, or anywhere, can’t find it 🙁
    Any help?
    Thanks again !

  85. Interesting. What is your use case for wanting to convert an image to a post?

  86. Hello 🙂 First of all thanks for the great plugin!

    I have now tried it with a page. This was converted to a post. But the URL is now no longer valid. The URL of this page was before: and now she is

    What can I do here? Would be great if you answer me. Kind Regards

  87. Mary,

    Please check the Settings > Permalinks section of WP Admin for information on how your blog post URLs will be constructed. Also, the previous URL should still be valid, and just redirect to the correct URL using a 301

  88. Will not activate/load pages and/or posts. Get error “the ajax request failed:undefined”

  89. Sounds like another plugin is conflicting. Usually, this is an outdated plugin using some sort of javascript library that it is trying to inject on all Admin pages. Try disabling your plugins one at a time and trying again.

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  91. This plugin is still awesome and works on WP 4.2!

  92. Hi,
    I’m getting the same error “the ajax request failed:undefined”

    We don’t have any other plugins active (Table Press is installed, but I de-activated it, and the error persists).

    We’re on WordPress 4.3 running Just Content theme.

  93. […] pTypeConverter, un plugin veterano y espartano pero que funciona perfectamente, y permite convertir páginas en entradas y viceversa, de un tirón […]

  94. […] pTypeConverter, un plugin veterano y espartano pero que funciona perfectamente, y permite convertir páginas en entradas y viceversa, de un tirón […]

  95. Hi, I’m getting the same error “the ajax request failed:undefined” – and so it does not list any pages. I haven’t installed any new plugins for at least a year and the ones I have I’ve tried deactivating but still getting the error. Do you know what the problem might be? I’ve never had any issues with this plugin before. Thanks,

  96. This plugin is exactly what I am looking for. Do you still support it at all?

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