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  1. Help Brian.

    I tried using your ptypeconverter plugin on my wordpress 3.3 site and the comments didn’t carry over.

    I followed your FAQ instructions here:

    And i enabled discussions and down the bottom, comments as well but my post converted to page doesn’t show comments still. 🙁


  2. Hey Brian, I used your plugin to change a bunch of pages into posts but now when I go into the convert tab nothing shows up. Can you help?


  3. Please try the latest update (0.2.7) and see if you are still having issues.

  4. Good day,

    I’m Maria Ramos from WebHostingHub Support. We have found your pTypeConverter plugin at very interesting and we would like to translate it to Spanish language to help people from Hispanic community. Would that be ok with you?

    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Maria Ramos
    WebHostingHub Support

  5. Sure!

  6. My first post, which I meant to be a PAGE, was a gallery and turned out to be a post. I want it to be a static page and don’t know how to change it because I have no idea what it means to “upload into plug-ins” folder- which I don’t seem to have nor the ability to upload anything into a “folder.” I hate WP – so unintuitive compared to blogspot. Can I do what I’m trying to do? You have to be a website designer guru to even make WP work! Agghh!!


  7. This plugin is not supported on hosted sites. It is only able to work on self-hosted sites from

  8. Hi Brian,
    I’m currently needing to switch all my posts to pages after my site was setup incorrectly. I have quite a few custom fields on my posts that I’d obviously like to keep once converted to pages. Also wondering if the current converter is going to work with WP 4.0?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

  9. Hey Phil,

    Yeah, those custom fields will still remain. And yes, the plugin should still work with WP4.x

  10. I have used your great little plugin for years.

    You might get a lot more users (if you even want them) if you add some words to find the plugin, like P2P convertor, P2PConvertor, convert, pages to posts, post to page, posts to page, page to post, etc…

    For some reason WP search doesnt work barely.

  11. Hi! I worked a post from portfolio and I wanted to convert that in a page and the result is an error. How can I fix back that? you can see the link of how it looks now Thanks

  12. I converted back to a post but it gaves me the same error. How can I recover my post and how can I transform it into a page… if possible…?

  13. Actually all my website stopped working. Can you pelase help me with this as this happened since i tried to make that conversion?

  14. Hello Brian,
    Terribly sorry to bother you Brain, but I wonder if you could just point me to an article/previous FAQ answer related to old URL’s not re-directing please?

    I recently changed a bunch of pages to posts and now all the old URL’s are 404. I have pretty permalinks set up and I have refreshed them.

    I wonder what I did wrong?

    Many thanks for your time, I know how valuable it is.
    Best regards
    Ian Anderson

  15. Freudian slip noted:

    Maybe I meant to say ‘sorry to bother your brain’ 🙂

    Sorry Brian!

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